Home Modifications

Home Modification Documents
The Modification Change Request form is required for all modifications, including paint and landscape.
Paint Schemes
All exterior painting requires approval from the Modification Committee. Remember, you must submit a Modification Request Form (PDF) and receive approval before you start painting. Click below to access community-wide pallet.
Need Help?
If you have any questions about completing modification requests or the process, please reach out to your community manager, Angie Torrez.
At Red Mountain Ranch, any modifications to your home's exterior or lot must be approved in advance by the New Construction/Modification Committee. This includes painting and landscaping modifications.
The review process assures that all improvements are architecturally integrated with your existing home and consistent with the high standard of quality expected in our community.
The committee includes two resident members (appointed by the Board) and one member of the Board. 
Modification Change Request Process
  • Completed forms must be submitted for all exterior modification requests by the second Tuesday of each month. Include all applicable attachments (drawings, photos, etc.).
  • The committee reviews modification requests on the third Tuesday of each month.
  • The approval process is usually completed in 45 days or less. If additional information about the project is required, or if the form is incomplete, the process could take longer.
  • All approvals are subject to proper permits and licenses (if applicable).