Homeowner involvement is important to the success of the Red Mountain Ranch community. As a homeowner, you elect peers to the Board of Directors and trust them to act in the best interest of residents.
Volunteering for the Board isn't the only way to get involved in your community. The community currently has five active committees. Our committees are made up of eager, active members who volunteer to contribute to and collaborate on community initiatives.
Modification/New Construction Committee
This is a standing committee required by the association documents. This committee has jurisdiction over all modification/new build requests. There are currently three members on this committee, and they are looking to recruit a few more.
Members: Ryan Bagley - Chair, Shane Wikfors, Cindy Boyer, and Dan Little
Aesthetics, Improvements and Modernization's Committee
This committee will be tasked with updating and creating landscape guidelines, design guidelines, paint pallets, and other aesthetic-based issues and updates the board deems fit.
Chair: Mike Bonar
Communications Committee
This committee will be tasked with enhancing community-wide communication such as newsletters, social media and the community website.
Chair: Kathleen Rahn
Budget and Finance Committee
This committee is responsible for reviewing the association making recommendations for the subsequent fiscal years operating budget and planning for the future financial health of the association.
Chair: Jamie Illing
CC&R, Bylaws and Document Review Committee
This committee will take on reviewing all of the documents of the association and recommending and drafting amendments to these documents.
Chair: Kathleen Rahn
Villages Landscape Committee
This committee will review the annual proposed budget for The Villages and provide landscape recommendations for The Village's front yards as tasked by the Board.
Chair: Robert Welsh