Billing Questions
If you need help with your account number, balance or have other billing questions, contact community manager, Angie Torrez, by email at or phone at 480-981-6480.
Recurring Payments
To establish eligibility for recurring payment processing through Alliance Association Bank, please visit our webpage at
and select AZ. 
Under New Users, elect to Setup Account and follow the prompts as directed.
Please note there is no charge for the election of recurring eCheck payments.
If you establish recurring payments with Alliance Association Bank and your assessment changes, it will be necessary to update your payment with any noted changes to your assessment value. CCMC and Alliance Association Bank are not related companies. To comply with privacy laws, we do not share personal information.
One-time Electronic Checks
Visit our webpage at, and select Arizona.
Under One Time Payment, select the eCheck or Debit/Credit Card icon and follow the prompts as directed.
The bank charges a $2.95 fee per transaction for the use of a one-time eCheck payment.
Debit and Credit Card Payments
Visit our webpage at and select Arizona.
Under One Time Payment, select the eCheck or Debit/Credit Card icon and follow the prompts as directed.
The bank charges a $5.00 flat processing fee per debit card transaction and a 3.5% per credit card transaction.
American Express, Discover, Master Card and Visa are accepted.
Phone payments are not available.
Please make sure you mail your coupon/statement stub with your payment. Any payments that cannot be processed automatically by the payment processing service center will be processed by converting your paper check into an electronic check transaction.
The remittance address for your mailed payments is: 
P.O. Box 93327
Las Vegas, NV 89193-3327
If you have multiple accounts, it is imperative that separate checks and envelopes be used for each account. Each check should also list the account number to ensure accurate application of funds.
In Person
Payments can be made in person at the Association Office, located at 6644 E. Thomas Rd. Ste 101 Mesa, AZ 85215.
Individual Bank Bill Payment Services
If you are using a bill payment service through your bank or a third-party, please review your account number and remittance address.
The remittance address is:
P.O. Box 93327
Las Vegas, NV 89193-3327
Many bill payment services remit electronically, and the correct account number is essential for proper posting. 
If your assessment has changed, you must also update your account information with your financial institution.
Would you like to receive your assessment statement electronically? Sign up for eStatements.
Going paperless helps the environment and reduces the amount of money the Association spends on mailing your statement. If your mailing address is outside of the country, it also helps to prevent mailing delays.
These cost savings will help the Board to focus funds on more significant community needs and minimize future assessment increases.
Homeowners become members of the Red Mountain Ranch Owners Association when they purchase a home.
Members are responsible for paying semi-annual assessments to support community operations and reserve funds. Depending upon which parcel you live in, you might also be responsible for additional assessments (see list below).
Assessments are due on the 1st of January and July. Payments received after the 15th of the month are subject to late fees. Assessment for 2024 are $558 (semi-annually).
If you own a home in one of the below parcels, your additional assessment is:
  • Sonoran Estates - $618 (semi-annually)
  • Sienna Hills - $414 (semi-annually)
  • Villages - $678 (semi-annually)
  • Lakeview Estates - $706.20 (semi-annually)
  • Sky Mountain Estates - $504 (semi-annually)
  • Country Club Estates - $273 (semi-annually)