Cox Service

Cox Cable Contract FAQ
What is the history of this cable contract?
In the late 1980’s, RMR Owners Association entered into a contract with Cox to provide discounted cable services for the community.  The original contract has been renewed continuously from that time.  The previous contract was due to expire in 2023.

Who pays for this contract?
Your Owners Association is billed directly for these services.  A portion of your Owners Association assessment is allocated to offset these costs.

Can I opt out of this service?
Since every household in Red Mountain Ranch is part of the association and the association holds the  contract, it is not possible for individual homes to opt out of this benefit. 

Why did we recently sign a new contract with Cox?
Your Board examined the existing contract and the term of the contract and negotiated two key improvements.  The first was a reduction in the amount of cost increases on an annual basis along with the addition of service features (additional premium channels and Contour boxes) and the second benefit was a reduced term for our contract including the option to cancel the contract for bulk video services effective December 31, 2021.
Why is this a positive step for me?
During the next year, we will be surveying the community on whether this service is important to you and will make a decision, with your input about the future of this contract.
How do I set up service?
Contact Cox bulk services at 855-512-8876 and identify yourself as member of Red Mountain Ranch Owners Association bulk video program.
 What exactly does my annual assessment pay for and what does it not pay for regarding Cox Cable Services?
 Your annual assessment pays for a bulk video services package with Cox Communications called Contour TV that includes HBO and Showtime channels.  Your annual assessment does not cover additional premium channels, DVR equipment or internet services.
 Does my assessment include internet service?
 No, your assessment does not include internet services from Cox Communications.  You need to contact your internet service provider (ISP) of choice to obtain internet services.

What equipment does my assessment and the service feature?
Cox Communications will provide two Contour 1 boxes and one mini box for your residence at no additional cost.  This does not include a DVR unit or internet modem.
 What is a Contour 1 box?
 Contour 1 boxes have the guide function access to On Demand programming and allows you to view the full HBO and Showtime lineup.

 What is a mini-box?
 A mini-box allows you to access the 140+ expanded basic channels, but no access to On Demand programming or premium channels such as HBO or Showtime.
 How or where do I obtain the equipment covered by our bulk cable plan?
 You will need to visit your local Cox Communications store to obtain the equipment.  You can also call 855-512-8876 to make arrangements for the new equipment to be shipped and/or your current equipment exchanged.  You must identify yourself as part of the Red Mountain Ranch Bulk Video contract.

 If I have more than two Contour boxes or more than one mini box, will I be charged extra?
Yes, the RMR cable service agreement covers two Contour boxes and one mini-box only.  You may, however, keep or request additional boxes for an additional cost.

Does the Cox cable service include phone service? Can I receive a bulk package discount on my phone or internet service?
No, the Cox cable agreement with Red Mountain Ranch does not include phone, internet or bulk service discounts for those services.