Vote Now!

What am I voting on?
You are being asked to vote on one amendment - the updates, corrections and revisions to the existing CC&Rs. A 75% majority vote is required to pass each of these proposed amendments.
Why should I vote?
  • Red Mountain Ranch CC&Rs are the basic rules for our community that protect the continued value of our homes.
  • Our current CC&Rs were written and last updated in 1987 and were written to protect the planned community developer.
  • The proposed revisions of the CC&Rs have been edited to comply with current Arizona state law, contain updated language, to provide additional clarity and protection of property values.
  • A 75% majority vote is required to pass each of these proposed amendments.
How can I vote?
Voting begins on April 15, 2022, and ends after 75% of homeowners have voted (either for or against).
You can cast your vote(s) online, on paper or in person. Each parcel (home) will have the right to cast one vote.
Our original Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) were last updated in 1987, nearly 35 years ago. The original CC&Rs were written to protect the interests of the community's developer. As a homeowner-controlled Association, it's important to bring this core governing document into current times and reflect an emphasis on the homeowner and home value protection.
Over the last 18 months, the CC&R Committee worked tirelessly to review and propose changes, corrections and additions to bring the CC&Rs up to date with current Arizona law, best practices and to provide homeowner and home value protection. After an extensive review, proposed changes were sent to the Association's legal team and the Board of Directors. The updated CC&Rs are now being put to a community vote. A 75% majority homeowner vote is required to pass these changes. Voting will be open for 12 months, and each home is allowed one vote. 
All proposed changes, corrections, and additions are available for review before voting to ensure complete transparency.
In addition to changes in language and updates to comply with current law, here are the most significant changes that you should be aware of:
  • Sporting Equipment is required to be stored out of sight.
  • Owners will now have an appeal process for proposed amendments to their homes. The Board of Directors will hear any concerns regarding requests that have been denied.
  • New homeowners in Red Mountain Ranch will be required to pay a resale fee to the reserve account. This account will be used to replace aging infrastructure and special enhancement projects for the community.
  • For future HOA votes, the required majority for approval will adopt best practices to reduce the required percentage from 75% to 51% of households.
  • To maximize HOA resources, we are proposing that the Red Mountain Ranch HOA adopt an investment policy for reserve funds to increase the community's return on its capital.
  • Elimination of language restricting the use of energy conservation equipment and artificial vegetation.
  • Elimination of language restricting artificial turf and artificial vegetation.
  • Increased time allowed to retrieve garbage bins from the street to comply with City of Mesa regulations.